Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Last Snuggle

Mike and Chevy had a last snuggle yesterday  before he left his foster home to go to his puppy raiser. I have never been more proud of Mike as I was this week. He did an amazing job taking care of this little guy and teaching him some important basics. Thanks to Mike for giving it his all. Hopefully, Chevy will be an amazing service dog because he surely is an amazing puppy! Good luck little buddy. 

On his way to the centre - not a care in the world!


  1. That is too sweet. I couldn't give up a cutie like Chevy. Good job Mike!!

  2. Ahhhhh!!!! Good luck in your new home, Chevy!

  3. OMG he is so adorable. Way to go Mike! Hi Buddy, I miss you!