Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

For those of you who that I had lost my blog or forgotten my password - I did neither of those things I just haven't had a chance to blog and it is still new to me. I decided that I would start by reviewing my 2010.
I continue to be involved with NSD and still have my little Rambo - although as you can see - he is not so little anymore.
He is on a back up list for recall but there has to be a 6 failures before he goes in. This means we should have him until May/June. I helped NSD out with some fund raisers - we did Woofstock (in the rain) it is always fun to see the variety of dogs that show up (all decked out I might add) and people watch to see if it is true that we tend to take on the look of our dogs. Yup we do - I am husky because of Harley and I am sticking with that as my excuse. Kim and I did photography for the motorcycle ride in July and it was really funny to see these bikers dressed in their black leather melt when you put a 12 week old puppy in their arms!! We had a blast!

Matt and Mike both went through driver training and both of the boys have their licenses now. We picked up another car - since they cannot drive my vehicle and they have done a great job at sharing the use. It may have even brought them closer.

I visited Memories Manor twice in 2010 and truly enjoyed it - if fact I enjoyed it so much I have 3 visits booked for 2011!! They are going to get sick of seeing my face!! I tried my first canvas with Karen at the Art House Studio - it now hangs in my bathroom - much to my husband's dismay. We love going to crop with Karen - it is just such a creative place - the juices really get going. I enjoyed many fundraising crops in 2010 and plan to do the same in 2011. In December I was invited to be a member of the Scrapbook Queens Design Team - something I had never thought about doing - me on a design team?? I have to say I am enjoying it - this has pushed me to think more out of my comfy little box and I am hoping it continues to do so. Finding it hard to keep up with the forum and the challenges but I am hoping that after next week I will be able to give it more focus. And of course...lest we forget....the banning of 2010!!! How many of you can say you know someone who has been ban from a scrapbook store. That has to be a first!! Funny thing is that I have still been able to aquire all kinds of new scrapbooking tools, embellishments, paper, markers etc without shopping at Two Scrapbook Friends. Life does go on!!

It really doesn't look like much for a whole year, 2010 just flew by. It is true what they say - the older you get the faster time flys. All in all it was a pretty good year - and at this time I would like to say thank you.
To all of my friends - the ones that have been long time, the new friends I have made over the past year and the people who I have gotten to know better in 2010 I say THANKS!! Without you in my life, it would not be so full. I cherish each and everyone of you. Now bring on 2011!