Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Excuses Now!!

Ok, I will be honest, it took me a few minutes to remember HOW to blog because it has been that long.
Recently, I signed up to be a Stampin Up Hobby Demonstrator and after receiving my delicous starter kit I looked at my scrapbook room and decided some changes needed to be made. Last weekend I spent time organizing my scrapping space and this weekend I was at Scrapfest buying more stuff to fill it up again. Although I did buy more than I expected, I was really good at not buying more paper. (except I split on the great deal at the Turtle on card stock) Stamps on the other hand - well we won't go there. Joanne from the Scrapping Bug/Learning Factory was a gracious host the past two days as I did my best to help her customers find their perfect die, paper or stamps for their crafting projects. Thanks for letting me play scrapbook store in your booth Joanne.
My "no excuses now" part comes into play because I have no more excuses not to create at home and post on my blog more than I have been. Ha - I am not really setting that bar too high am I.
Ok so lets say that once a week I will post on my blog and see how I am at keeping up with that.
Stay tuned. You never know - I may surprise you.